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USPTA Elite Professional

This is the highest tested rating possible and is achieved by scoring in the 90th percentile on the USPTA Certification Exam.  Tennis professionals must have a minimum of three years' teaching experience and be 22 years old. Professional #1 members are commonly considered for director of tennis or head tennis professional job opportunities. They should be able to develop lesson programs, direct activities, manage pro shop operations and oversee a tennis facility.  A Professional #1 also should be able to handle employee relations tasks such as hiring, developing budgets, directing communications and serving as an integral part of the facility management team.


Professional Tennis Registry (PTR)  

Certified Professional

Professional - PTR Professional has successfully completed all five sections (written, skills, teaching, drills and error detection) of PTR's certification test with a grade of Professional on all sections, has an NTRP rating of at least 4.5 or higher (ITN - 5), is 21 years of age or older and has three years full-time teaching or five years of part-time experience.


Certified ATP Professional   


ATP Professional Course Graduate, 2011

The ATP Professionals Course is designed for former tour players pursuing a career in the tennis industry.  The theory and information received helps to set these individuals toward a successful career in the business of tennis and management of tennis facilities.  The training and information provided during the on-court section of the course helps them develop skills necessary for a successful career in coaching at all levels. Upon completion of rigorous testing on and off court, they are certified as ATP Professionals, having a solid foundation and exposure to many options within the tennis industry.


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